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Concord, NH's only Tribal Belly Dancer

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~About Zoe~

Zoe began her belly dance journey in 2003 when she dedicated herself to attending weekly classes with Helena, director of Egyptian Velvet, who taught American Cabaret style dance.  She immediately fell in love with everything about the dance and knew she’d found a life-long hobby……better yet, a life-long obsession!

Eventually, Zoe discovered the world of Tribal Style Belly Dancing and realized that this genre of dance is what really resonated with her spirit.  She went on to learn more about the dance form through the lens of American Tribal Style (ATS) and Gypsy Tribal Style (GTS) teachers.  Throughout that course of study, Zoe realized that there was even more of the belly dancing world yet to be revealed.  The Tribal Fusion movement soon became a focus of attention.  Ever since then, Zoe has been dedicated to creating her own Tribal Fusion style by blending modern dance, Cabaret, ATS, GTS styles.  She has had the honor to study under several Belly Dance Superstars including; Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Yasmine, Sabrina Fox, Petite Jamilla & Rachel Brice, as well as other professional dancers including; Darshan, Asharah, Irina Akulenko, Anasma and Mira Betz.  In the Spring of 2014, Zoe attended and passed Rachel's Brice's 8-ElementsTM Phase 1 training and is now and Initiate!  On her free time, Zoe is continually trying to stay plugged in to the belly dance network, improve her skills through practice, and create customized choreography and costumes.

Zoe has danced as a member of Gypsy Moon Tribe, under the leadership of Perizad, and also Badra Bahiya, with Caroline Huxtable as Creative Director.  Zoe has been teaching Tribal Style Belly Dance since 2007, and shortly thereafter, received her certification as a group exercise instructor.  Throughout the years, Zoe has danced for various events including haflas, birthday party bellygrams and workshops, street fairs (including Multi-Cultural Festivals, Farmer’s Markets and Art Walks), and has made restaurant appearances.  She has also been a member of SABA (Syracuse Area Belly Dance Association) and most recently joined the NH NBDA (NH Northeast Belly Dance Association).  Zoe moved to NH in the summer of 2010 and is currently the only Tribal Style Belly Dancer in the Concord area.

In May of 2011, Zoe had the privilege of having a private lesson with Petite Jamilla, who referred Zoe to join
Cu Dubh as a featured dancer at Renaissance Festivals.  Beginning in 2012, Zoe formed a student dance troupe; The Ethereal Gypsies.  The Ethereal Gypsies have performed at various performance venues throughout New England.  The group's intention is about being able to 
connect with other women and have fun while learning how to embrace and celebrate femininity. Anyone is welcome to join the'll be hooked!

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